Arugam Bay | Sri Lanka

1 June 2015 – 5 June 2015

Vic and I spent almost 12 hours travelling from Sigiriya to Arugam Bay. AHHHHH! The trip involved a tuk tuk, a train, another tuk tuk, a bus, another bus and another tuk tuk. The train was probably the worst part. Maybe. We were relieved to arrive in Arugam Bay and see the two Michael’s as well as Ryan and Tom who had just arrived from Thailand.

The boys had arranged us three bungalows set around this pretty little garden.


On our first night we went out for dinner and celebrated with a few drinks.


It was a double celebration of us all being together AND being the 1st of June – Ruby’s 5th birthday.

Here are a few pics of how she spent her day.

Yes, that is my Dad carrying Ruby in her doggy bag. Now THAT’S love.

The days in Arugam Bay drifted by and apart from Ryan and Tom surfing, the main event was dinner each night followed by a few beers and some silliness.


The bay. Oh the bay.


The sunrise. Oh the sunrise.


The days merged into one and before we knew it, Mike and Vic were packing to catch a bus to Colombo and then a flight to Kuala Lumpur. We got up early to see them off – and then I cried. Team Sri Lanka was coming to an end. How incredibly lucky are we that two of the nicest people ever came travelling through Sri Lanka with us? So. Much. Fun. So much fun that we’re meeting up again for Oktoberfest, Amsterdam and Paris in September – yus!

Here are Mike and Vic – having a wee boogie. Say bye. Sad face.


And here are the dogs, stunned by the lights.


The following day it was more good byes, this time to Tom who was heading back to Perth.

Photo from Ryan.

You see Ryan’s foot and leg? He hurt it on some rocks and shells while surfing on the last day – Tom tried to get the bit and pieces out of the wound with an alan key before they decided maybe it was a good idea to go to the doctor and have it fixed. Yikes. Open wound and alan key!

Arugam Bay – you go alright.


Rate 1 NZD = 100 LKR | All prices in NZD unless stated

  • Train, 3rd class Sigiriya – Batticaloa – $1.15 (5 hours)
  • Bus Batticaloa – Pottervil – around $3.00 p/p
  • Tuktuk Pottervil – Arugam Bay – $0.50
  • Midbay Guest House | Arugam Bay – $15.00 p/n (fan) – $40.00 p/n (air con)
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