Penang | Malaysia

1 April 2015 – 4 April 2015

Penang is super easy to sum up because we essentially did two things while we were there.

1. Eat food
2. Look at street art

We did some other stuff too, like visit Fort Cornwallis and I saw a cat catch a rat in a gutter, but meh, let’s talk about the food.


We’d been told that the food is really good in Penang and it’s true, the food is REALLY good in Penang. There’s so much of it and so much variety. These photos aren’t that great, in fact some of the curries look a bit sloppy and gross, but seriously, it really was so fricken good. Book your flight to Penang now.

Yum, yum, yum.

See that chicken tikka? OMG. SO GOOD. I haven’t had better anywhere else. Oh my. Get in me.

Michael is the street food eating champion of the world.

Street Art

No complaints about Penang. For me it was instantly likeable and easy to navigate – although we did only visit Georgetown.

On our last day in Penang at around 5pm we were gearing up to go and give the food stalls the last once over with out mouths when Michael had an idea. You see, the next day we were catching a bus to Kuala Lumper where we were going to hang out for the next five days, but when you don’t have a job or any commitments you can do whatever you like! With a quick step to the Air Malindo office we’d seen earlier in the day we handed over a whole RM 3 (NZD $1.11) and brought our Kuala Lumper – Kathmandu, Nepal flight forward by five days. Boom.

Next morning we bused Penang – KL then flew KL – Kathmandu.

Too easy.

What about the moolah?

Rate: 1 NZD – RM 2.7 | All prices in NZD

  • Ferry Langkawi – Penang | 2 1/2 hours: $25 p/p
  • Guest Inn Muntri | Penang: $22 p/n
  • Legian Beach Bungalows | Legian: $15.46 p/n
  • Chicken curry from hawker centre: $3.50
  • Noodles from hawker centre: $1.60
  • 10 satay sticks from hawker centre: $3.79
  • Slow cooked pork, salad & rice from hawker centre: $8.50
  • Soft drink from hawker centre: $0.90 cents
  • Bruschetta | from ‘Tailor Made’ restaurant: $2.20
  • Duck Salad | from ‘Tailor Made’ restaurant: $4.40
  • Entrance fee to Fort Cornwallis: $7.40 p/p
  • Bus fare | Penang to Kuala Lumpur | 4 1/2 hours: $14 p/p
  • Bus fare | KL Sentral to KLIA2: $3.70 p/p

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