Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi | Malaysia

26 March 2015 – 1 April 2015

The day we flew from Lombok to Kuala Lumpur I was feeling less that ideal. I’d stomached some pineapple and Pringles, but then there was a kafufful with a rat in a book store before clearing customs and that made me feel a bit funny all over again. A big, fat rat in the airport. The joys of travelling.

We landed in Kuala Lumpur, Michael, Miles and I, and the first thing I noticed was that they have built a brand new MASSIVE airport since we were last there. Annarose (Mile’s wife) was waiting in arrivals for us. Michael and I caught the train to KL Sentral and left the love birds to reunite.

Feeling like pros at Malaysian public transport and recognising streets, we made our way to the Rainforest Hotel in China Town. Look, there’s China Town.


We were pretty excited to be back in a city – so like good westerners, we made our way to the nearest Mc Shit and smashed a double cheeseburger and a Big Mac. I really hate to admit that. But HOT DAMN it was good. And if you pay 1 ringgit extra (30 cents NZD), they’ll fill a sundae lid with mayo. Straight to my stomach. But on this day, I didn’t care.

We were in Kuala Lumpur mainly to watch the Formula 1. Michael loves them cars you see. There were three days of racing action. Michael, Miles and Annarose went to all three. I skipped day two in favour of checking out the shopping malls and having awesome alone time in the big city.

Being cool at the F1 – oh yeah!

In our downtime, or non-F1 time, we ate delish food:


Yes, that’s some tasty ass pork dumpling soup.

Visited Jalan Alor – a street full of food!


And we visited the Bird Park.

Have you heard the Katy Perry ‘Peacock’ song? If not – you should probs Google it right now. Also, did you notice that sneaky red bird in the top right photo?

The old Hornbill – bottom photo. Chased this bird in Borneo in 2012 with the lovely Bridget.


My fave bird of the day.

This also happened.

Yes. Michael wore his BIRD t-shirt to the BIRD park. My life is officially complete. Full stop.

Our last day in KL was the actual F1 race day. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) won. But a lot more happened on that day. We checked out of our hotel, lugged our luggage on the bus to Sepang where the race track is, Michael live streamed the ICC Cricket World Final WHILE watching the race, we sweated, we all waited for a shuttle bus, I started sweating out of the top on my hand (something I’d never seen before), a man on the shuttle offered me his sweat towel – he said “it probably smells, but…” – and then held it towards me. What he was really saying was “you look AWFUL – have this stink-poo towel that I’ve been sweating into ALL DAY.” I declined, opting to drip on the floor on the bus (picture me standing with a 16kg backpack on, struggling to hold on to the pole in the centre of the bus with my wet, slippery sausage fingers as the bus manoeuvres corners.) OH MY LORD. Let it be known that travelling is not always, in fact, very rarely, glamorous. Anyway, a guy bumped into Annarose on the shuttle, then to say sorry, he offered her a beer. Then he offered everyone a beer! My saviour. We changed shuttles, made it to KLIA2 and flew into the lightning towards Langkawi.

Langkawi is an island, part of a bunch of other Malaysian islands up near the Thai boarder. It’s a duty free island, so the beer (and other stuff) is cheap, and it is full of Thai chefs making tasty curries.

Here’s what we did: Hired scooters and drove round the island.

On the way, we went up a very high cable car.

Waiting to get in the little cart.

In the cart. Scared.

View from the top – worth it.

We walked on the sky bridge – brave as.

And we’re feeling much braver, kind of, when we head down.

We continue round the island and have some beach time.

And the evening consists of beers and beach time.

The following day, we had more beach time with a little book reading and the day after that, Michael and I left for Penang and Miles and Annarose went back to Kuala Lumpur.

Yeah, and what did that cost you?

Rate: 1 NZD – RM 2.7 | All prices in NZD

  • Rainforest Hotel, China Town | Kuala Lumpur: $25 p/n
  • Train KL airport to KL Sentral Station: $12.90
  • Return bus ticket – KL Sentral to F1 circuit in Sepang: $11 p/p
  • Mc Donald’s Double Cheeseburger Combo: $2.75
  • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park: $15 p/p
  • Soluna Guest House | Langkawi : $22 p/n
  • Scooter hire, 24 hours | Langkawi: $13

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