London, Edinbrugh & Glasgow | United Kingdom

We hadn’t been in London long when we decided that perhaps we’d best have a quick replace of a few items of clothing. After India and Africa, things were looking a bit worse for wear.

The Dream Team was down to three with Sam moving in with a friend and staying on in London to work. So it was Michael, Kate and I in the big smoke alone. But not for long.

Our week was filled with food, friends, family and full on site seeing.

We saw A Midsummers Night Dream at the Globe Theatre and Lion King the stage show with university buddies Alice, Honor and Bridget.

Kate and I were finally reunited with this one, Lauren!


And we went to Harrods and I had multiple bear hugs. Naw.

All in all, we did a lot of mooching in various pubs, and it couldn’t have been more fun.


The three of us travelled overnight to Edinbrugh on a bus and like a dream, woke to the sound of bagpipes. Edinbrugh was quite charming and if there is anything I remember, it’s the pork buns we ate, Greyfriers Bobby.


A short distance up the road to Glasgow, we went to visit my Great Aunty Peggy. We had never met before but at 93 she welcomed Michael and I into her home, fed us bacon and eggs and endless cups of tea, then we watched the tennis together.

Then after leaving Aunty Peggys, we met Kate back in Glasgow city and Her and Michael bonded over a mutual love of lollies.


Our time in the UK came to and end all a bit to quickly. Michael and I left Kate sleeping at the backpackers in Glasgow after a rather unexpected large night out and we took a bus to the airport first thing. A ride which can only be described as simply awful. Kate was back off to London that morning and we were flying to Berlin, Germany.


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