Udaipur | India

As we prepare to embark on Sixmonthswithoutruby 2.0, I thought it only fitting that I give a quick run down of how our last trip ended up. Here goes.

Our journey through Rajastan, India ended with one last stop in Udaipur – apparently known for their roof top cinemas showing James Bond, however we somehow managed to miss all of that. Oops. Let’s be honest. I was getting a bit sick of lugging round that giant Lonely Planet. We did see a bunch of other stuff though… like KFC on our way into the city which we painstakingly walked back to find on our first night. Instant regret.

We found a lovely room for the night, which then started smelling rather like sewage so we promptly moved the next morning.

We caught up on a bit of sleep, and so did the dog.

Then we visited the palace and took a fancy boat ride.

I spent an afternoon painting a small horse at an art school.

We fed our hotels tortoise a tomato.

Then fed ourselves with tasty desserts – the first of their kind we’d come across in India.

The highlight of Udiapur was finding the tastiest curry on this planet, eating it four days in a row then asking the owner of the restaurant if he could teach us to cook it. He promptly shipped us off to his sisters house (not before I fell down a flight of marble stairs) and we spent the afternoon making our own dinner with the loveliest woman of all time.

Next time: Goa and Mumbai.


2 thoughts on “Udaipur | India

  1. Hey team, just in Udaipur now. It’s gorgeous, very touristy though. You don’t remember the name of the restaurant that had the epic curry do you? Hope your trek is going well. Would love to be back in the Himalays right now. Sooooo hot here xx

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