Three nights in Bangkok

We landed in Bangkok after 10pm.
We landed a taxi driver who couldn’t speak english or read a map.
We went around the same block three times.
I had to do it.
I head butted him right there in Soi 2, Samsen Road, Banglumpoo.  

Bangkok is full of all sorts of things. Smog, rubbish, things and stuff to buy and around 9.3 million people doing stuff and buying things.

Yum. Rubbish.
Pollution. YUM! Swim anyone?

Bangkok was just a quick stop over for us to get a Burmese Visa along with 14,000 other tourists.

Lining up in the heat and humidity, probably one of my favourite things to do

This line doesn’t really do justice to the length of the line or the 36 degree heat and 700% humidity

The visa process was relatively simple. Fill in the form, two passport photos, provide work history, your fathers name, pay your money and come back the next day at 3.30pm. Success.

In the days waiting for our visas we wandered through markets, let Khao San Road devour us, went to China Town and out smarted the scam man. The boati isn’t running today? What’s that you say? There’s only one tourist information centre in the whole of Bangkok? We best get in your tuk tuk then and pay a ridiculous price then!

We found a photo of Michael on a tailor shop window from our last visit

You want to buy suit?

I went from eating noodles like this man

Noodle man

To throwing back cheeseburgers like they’re taking them off the menu

It was good

Not even two weeks in and I can’t stop thinking about food. It was a good cheeseburger.

I'm on a boat!

We rode the boat up and down the river like pro’s instead of sitting in traffic

Street kitty

And I kept an eye on all the animals I could see.

That’s it. 3 nights in Bangkok in a nutshell.


2 thoughts on “Three nights in Bangkok

  1. Loving the stories – keep them up. Sounds like nothing much has changed in Bangkok since 1991 when I was somewhat closer to your age now. ENJOY YOUR TRAVELS!!!

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