This is Ruby

She is the cutest muffin in the world.
We’re going on holiday.
Oh dear.
This is a blog about our six months without Ruby.

Ruby Poobie havig the Christmas Day bath. Too hot in Arrowtown!Holy MOLY! That's a cute dog you got there.Gee whizz! Someone wants to play.
Couch Dawg


3 thoughts on “This is Ruby

  1. Hi Hollie, Michael & Ryan – it was so lovely to meet you the other night. I hope you were feeling ok after such a big day. Let us know where you are and what’s happening with you guys. Ciao for now – Anne & Geoff

    • Anne and Geoff, AKA Mum and Dad!

      So good to hear from you both. It was lovely to meet you too! We made it home just fine, although perhaps felt a little worse for wear in the morning.

      We’re in Cinque Terra at the moment – off to Venice on Tuesday. How about you guys?

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